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These peptides have pharmaceutical grade ingredients that work in harmony with the body to regenerate cellular communication which has proven to be the key component in healthy ageless beautiful skin.






Viktoria De’ANN Peptide Cosmeceutials are proudly featured at Charleston Lashes And SkinCare.

These powerful products employ Active Natural Biological Peptide Messengers which are beneficial to the health, repair, and rejuvenation of the skin.

Peptides work in harmony with the body to regenerate cellular communication. This communication is proven to be a key component in healthy, ageless, and beautiful skin.

Working as the body’s cellular messengers, peptides relay information for the initiation of processes such as repair and remodeling. This translates to collagen regeneration, healthy cellular metabolism, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, lifted skin, improved texture, increased smoothness, and more clarified skin.  Call office for pricing:843-642-8113



Viktoria De’ANN Lift Kits
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Lift Kits include the perfect combination of targeted anti-aging peptides.  In this kit you will receive a Pepti-Lift and Pepti-Tone which help provide the proper skin tension and tone to tighten skin back to a more youthful appearance.  While Eye serum’s powerful UET-3 peptide aim to eliminate puffiness and dark circles under the eye.  Finally Rejuvenator’s peptides support a proper cell turnover to bring healthy new vibrant cells to the surface and provide a totally new lifted healthy look.




Eye Serum

Eye Serum’s peptide complex penetrates quickly and helps to brighten and firm the delicate skin of the eye area. The signs of aging (stress, puffiness, and dark circles) are reduced to improve the appearance of the skin. Provides antioxidant protection, optimizes hydration and promotes collagen health.



Rejuvenator is fortified with a powerful, restorative peptide that amplifies visible results. The RNF-1 peptide featured in Rejuvenator is designed to promote the cellular responses of repair and regeneration. This active complex specifically targets the growth layers of the skin.


Pepti-Pro Col Serum

Pepti-Pro Col Serum is scientifically formulated to promote the repair, replacement and reconstructing of collagen. Stimulates collagen for proper skin structure and natural fibril restructuring.



Pepti-Lift provides peptides to restore youthful skin tension, to lift and re-establish a natural youthful appearance. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, providing more progressively noticeable results with continued use.



This serum is an adjunct to injectable treatments, which targets underlying muscle tension, by modulating muscle contraction to suppress the formation of lines and wrinkles. It works synergistically with Pepti-Lift for optimum results.


 (Pepti-Lift and Pepti-Tone are also available in the Viktoria De’ANN Lift Kits which include Eye Serum and Rejuvenator Cream)



Pepti-Elastin helps with loss of elasticity by ‘pinging’ the body to turn-on its own ability to create its own natural elastin.


Pepti-Pad (Inducer)

Pepti-Pad is ideal for clients with loss of adipose (fat) tissue. May be combined with other peptide serums. Suggested for areas such as the upper lip where lines and dis-regulated tissue may be apparent, and externally on the lips, or other areas lacking plumpness.



A synergistic blend of amino acids to inhibit bacterial growth. The perfect complement to your skin’s natural biological defense system.



This blend of actives is designed to target specific aspects of pigmentation control systems in the skin which results in a reduction of dark spots and future discoloration. This serum targets pigmentation at its core and is free of bleaching agents, hypochlorites and hydroquinone thereby correcting pigmentation concerns without creating unneeded and damaging inflammation. Beginning about 6 weeks after initial application, one should notice diminishment of central color, with continual fading, progressing from the center and then to edges of blemish.



Formulated to accelerate repair and restructuring of damaged skin.



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