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'Hello, I'm Lisa Trematore'

Welcome to Charleston Lashes

And Skin Care. I'm so happy to be here in Virginia Beach to help with your eyelash extension and other beauty needs! We are offering 25% off all services-Lash extensions, fills, and facials until the end of Feb. Come and get your perfect semi-permanent lashes created just for your face and eye shape. I guarantee the extensions will make the most out of the beauty of your eyes and the firming and lightening facials will be just what you need  to help your skin glow and help you feel your most beautiful self.


My Story

I am so happy that  you chose  to visit Charleston Lashes and Skincare! My focus is lash extensions and corrective facials. The  treatments are tailored to meet your individual needs. Every first time lash treatment begins with a personal consultation, lash analysis and lash extension or lift prescription tailored just for you.

The lash extensions that  are offered here include top-of-the-line premium silk lashes and  the best and most effective adhesive as well as expert, careful and gentle placement tailored just for your specific eyes. They are placed .5 to 1mm from your natural lashes and are guaranteed to last at least two weeks and with proper self care most most clients only need touch-up fills every 3-4 weeks due the way that i place them on your natural lashes. It's a  fact that we loose about 1- 5 natural lashes per day and that is the reason for needed fills.

The Corrective Facial treatments start with a thorough skin analysis and I  use professional products made from the finest ingredients and also use trusted modalities that make a huge difference in how  your skin looks and feels.

My menu describes the application and results you can expect. The services will compliment and build on one another for long term results and I will work with you to help keep you looking the most beautiful that it possibly can on a daily basis.

Having worked in the healthcare field (with a Bachelor of Science degree) for twenty + years before becoming a licensed  Aesthetician,  I then went on to take 1,500+ hours of skin care /lash extension coursework and training along with classes for infection control and enjoyed every minute of it!    

I commit to continue to learn as much as I can about the health and integrity of the lashes and skin to keep up-to date with the latest skin care practices and lash extension practices and techniques along with infection control techniques to give lash services safely and with the best result . I  would love a chance to design your best lash application for you or treatment plan for your skin and give you a corrective facial (or series of treatments ) and earn your trust.


Lisa Trematore  B.S., L.E.

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